Words of Grace

God is Love

March 19, 2021

“God is LOVE.

We are created in His image of LOVE.

We are called to be conformed to LOVE.

GOD of LOVE exists.

LOVE exists.

The SOUL of LOVE exists.

GOD is Immortal.

LOVE is Immortal.

The SOUL of LOVE is Immortal.

The Immortal calls you.

You are called to be Love.


JULES BOQUET, Apostle of Love

On a Mission from the God of Love

© Copyright Jules Boquet 2020

God in His Kindness

March 19, 2021

"As a result, God in His kindness has given us his approval [we have been justified by his grace, He declared us righteous] and we have become heirs who have the confidence that we have everlasting life."

◄ Titus 3:7 ►

[GOD'S WORD® Translation; also NET Bible; and New Living Translation]


God saved us by His grace. Through our faith in Jesus Christ, we have been declared to be righteous in Him, justified as though we had never known sin. It is God's goodness that brings man to repentance. His goodness draws people to come to God. It is that same goodness, expressed through kindness, that grants us God's approval whereby we become the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus by faith.


When we come to God, we come to Him in the condition in which we are. He does not save us because we are righteous or good. It is not our goodness that saves us. He saves us because He is good. When we receive Christ, we become righteous through our faith that we have in Christ. We believe upon Jesus, and therefore His righteousness is attributed to us by faith. We are righteous because He is righteous. He grants to us His status before God. We are thus approved before God because of who Jesus is and what Jesus did. It is His righteousness that causes us to be saved and approved before God. We receive the righteousness of Christ in our lives and so we are saved as a gift from God.


When we are saved, we become heirs of God. We are adopted into the family. We become heirs who are assured that what God promises to us, He is faithful to give to us. He promises eternal life through faith in Christ. And so our testimony as believers is that "God in his kindness has given us his approval [we have been justified by his grace, He declared us righteous] and we have become heirs who have the confidence that we have everlasting life."


March 5, 2021

When have you learned something when “place” played a role?

Sitting around circle at school The Community gathered close The Question was spoken What do you value most?

If you could choose one thing Only one thing you could save What one thing would you choose To live out your days?

Do not pick three wishes,

Nor money, nor clothes,

Nor say your health, nor your animals

Not your mom or dad or anyone who is close.

But pick some thing

One thing THAT REALLY MATTERS MOST. What would the students say

As they listened intently as to what each one chose?

A boat, a plane,

A special gift of some sort

The answers were given one by one And the answers were short.

Then my grandson

Who is my student as well What did I hear him say? What did he tell?

“The one thing that is so special to me The one thing, I knew from the start The only thing that I really want

Is the one thing that is in my heart.”

My grandson is not yet a man, He is the one I call “my boy” He did not ask for a new gun, Nor any kind of toy.

“Our LAND is what I want to keep, Harvest Fields is what I want to be mine, Our land, all 128 acres in Gibson.

It’s where my life is defined

It’s where I hunt and fish

It’s where alligators and wild animals roam Where I walk in the woods with my dogs

It is there that I call home.

It is where deer and ducks live

Where eagles, owls and hawks fly high, It is the place where I smell the fresh air It is where I look to the sky.

It is a Place of no limits The Place for me

The Place of my future My Place where I am free


I ask you to give

If I can ask for only one thing

It is the only place where I feel that I live.”

THEN it was my turn in the circle to speak

What would the teacher say was the one thing for him? “My porch” overlooking my land

This is THE PLACE where I want to live til the end.

God so Loved the World

March 5, 2021

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

◄ John 3:16 ► [King James Version]


God is love. God loves at all times. God loves you. God loves me. God loves us. God loves them. God loves all. God loves the world. That's what God does because that is who God is.


The world includes unbelieving humanity which has not received Christ as savior and has not declared Jesus as Lord. The world loves darkness. God is light. The world loves evil. God is good. The world loves sin. God loves the sinner. The world does not come to God. God comes into the world. The world is in hostility toward God. God sends His message of peace. The world is enmity toward God's kingdom. God sends messengers of goodwill toward man. Men are alienated from God. God offers reconciliation. The world is godless. God offers to be their God. The world hates God. God loves the world.


The world is held captive within the web of godlessness. The vanity of man has turned to his vainglory, rejecting godly humility that would give glory to God. Derision of God has taken root in society. Contempt for God has become commonplace and commonly accepted by leaders and people of importance who are commonly followed by those who blindly trust. One after another, political, business, entertainment, and other worldly leaders maneuver into positions. These leaders hold out the same promise, the one everyone knows will never be kept. They promise to make a difference in the world, to build a better world for you and me. They deny any self-interest as they work with big interests that somehow leads the world into the same hopeless and helpless position where they started, and often worse, while people cynically think "Lie, you fry." Yet cynical people continue to line up and play follow the leader because of no hope of anything better. A downward spiraling eternal line-dance to the proverbial ditch plays out in succeeding generations as the blind lead the blind to their destructive fall. It all plays out like some fatalistic tale of the inevitable that cannot be rewritten. Faithless pied pipers deceive children with secular, humanistic doctrines of men as they lead them away from the city of God to go to unknown destinations destitute of hope and faith. And so the bad news is repeated nightly on news broadcasts that compete with each other to reveal the worst, while smiling models masquerading as reporters attempt to gain greater audience share so they can outsell the other bad news peddlers in ad revenues. They report as the world perishes: "The earth is warming; the Arctic and Antarctic are melting; the seas are rising; as winters are in records of cold! Man is destroying; wars are raging; terror is spreading; as chaos continues to unfold."


While the citizens of the world lose faith in their leaders, there yet rings a sound of hope. There is, in fact, a leader who keeps His promises. There is One who is able to make a difference in the world, who can indeed build a better world for you and me. He is the One who restores hope and faith to the world, holding out the offer to all to believe and become citizens of a kingdom that will never perish. And this offer is made to us all, to the good, to the bad, and to the ugly. Bad news is to be replaced with Good News. God news is being broadcast on the eternal news network. God news is Good News to people of the world. It is Good News to the individual who is looking for a way out. It is Good News to the family that needs to know everything will be alright. It is Good News to parents that their children will be safe. It is Good News to the elderly and to the dying that "the end" is only the beginning and that all is well. The Good News is that you do not have to go down the path that is leading to your demise. You do not need to perish. God has already issued a call to you to get on the ark of your salvation. God is making an eternal difference.


God is building an eternal city. God is opening heaven to all who will believe. God is opening an Eternal Life Book of Names. People are coming as little children to sign up and be saved. The line is forming to follow a true savior who leads people into right pathways that lead to eternal life. God is saving all who call upon the name of Jesus. God is making ready a place for all who will repent of their sin of godlessness, and who will renounce the world and its prince of darkness. To all who repent and turn from their wicked ways; to all who turn to Christ as your Savior; to all who confess Jesus as Lord: it is time to believe the Good News that God has for you:

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."


January 19, 2021



We decree the year 2021 is a new day. A new decade has begun. Shalom. We speak shalom. Peace to you and your family. Freedom for our people. Christ has set you free.

This is the year of repentance from sin and death, and to receive the joy of your salvation. Turn from the wicked way. Turn to God. Receive Jesus as Savior. Confess Jesus as Lord. Be born again into His kingdom and walk worthy of the calling of Christ that He has in your life. God transforms you by His Spirit and Word to be the YOU that He created you to be. Receive your forgiveness and freedom. Be purged through the power of the blood of Jesus. And what you receive freely from God, freely give to others. Christ sends you out on His mission to set captives free.

This is a year to claim your inheritance as a child of God. This is your debt-free year, your prosperity year. Christ paid the price for you to be free from sin and death. This is Your year of spiritual and physical health. This is Your year of spiritual and physical wealth. This is Your year to see visions and dreams from God. This is your time to exit the limitations of your past world and enter the place that God has prepared for you as your new world that He envisions and created for you to receive.

The World has tried to say that you aren’t allowed to be you, that you are bound by what “they say” you are, and you are limited as to where and how far you can go. We do not subscribe to the World’s limiting definition of who we are, what we are allowed to do, and where and how far we are going in life.


We subscribe to the Word’s limitless definition of who we are in Christ and what we can do through God. “We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.” (Philippians 4:13)

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things have become new. (2 Corinthians 5:17)

This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!

Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage. (Galatians 5:1)