World Mission

Our Mission is to IMPACT France and Europe with the Gospel.

"Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance,

and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession."

Psalm 2:8 KJV

The Story Behind the ‘CALL’

GOD first called Dr. Jules Boquet to France in 1986. As he was returning from his first-ever foreign mission, an 18 day missionary trip to communist Romania, he was flying over France on his return flight, the Lord spoke to his heart, “France will be your personal mission.”

Many things happened to bring us to France on God’s timetable.

As Pastors, we have preached and ministered in our Louisiana culture and have also been active in numerous home and foreign Missionary campaigns and evangelistic outreaches since 1980.

We believe that our lives and ministry have equipped us for this mission from God to France and Europe.

We have been coming to France for ministry since 1997. Our ministry experiences on our mission trips through the years have seen remarkable movements of God and put together spiritual connections which have laid the foundation for our ministry in France and Europe, now and in the future.

In 2007, God released and anointed us into an Apostolic calling into International Ministry, in particular to France and Europe; to French-speaking peoples; to the "uttermost parts" and to help raise up and train the young generation as ambassadors for Christ.

God has prepared us for France in many ways, including through our heritage and our background.

Deborah and I are both French descendants. We grew up in a French culture along the bayous of South Louisiana. Our parents, relatives and neighbors were speaking French all around us during our childhood.

Our ministry in Louisiana has prepared us to minister to French people. Our native Louisiana is a former French colony. South Louisiana is mainly composed of French descendants who live in a unique type of French culture. Louisiana law is even based upon the French Napoleonic Code, the only state in the union to be based in French law. As a Louisiana attorney, I practiced law in South Louisiana under this French Civil Law influence and mind-set.

This 'CALL' has lead us to IMPACT our local community, our nation, France, and Europe by:

Reaching the Unreached

Teaching the Untaught

Loving the Unloved

Touching the Untouched